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We are an urban homestead based on natural, holistic and sustainable principles. Our livestock includes chickens & honey bees and we cultivate fruits, vegetables and kitchen herbs.

Where have we been and what’s with the new name ?

Just a really quick note on our blog for those who don’t follow our Facebook page as much as our blog.

We’re still around and kicking and have been as busy as ever. We started a new flock of chickens last winter (2016) and have 10 new birds. The new flock has 5 different breeds (2 of each breed) and started laying eggs for us in early May 2017. None of them have names but they still are a big part of what we do here.

Our beekeeping experience provided a hard lesson this past season when our 2 year old hive we started from a package of Italian bees was devastated by robber bees ! A complete box in our Warre hive and half of a second one with honey was completely cleared out by the robber bees. More details to follow in a post dedicated to this painful experience we went through recently.

We still have dreams of moving to the country and currently have our home for sale again – we’re working with a new realtor and are keeping our fingers crossed that we sell soon.

The raised garden beds in our potager have been highly successful the past couple of seasons and will have detailed posts soon on what we have learned and achieved with our gardening efforts so look out for that.

Finally, we changed our Facebook page name and consequently the name of this blog. We felt four years of learning how to become urban farmers had give us enough under the belt that our original name did not fit us like it did originally. So like just about everything else we had been through , we had grown into our new name – REAL food Garden & Apiary.  It fits us just fine 4+ years into our new world.

Look out for more posts soon and God Bless.


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